Beth Lane is a yoga teacher who has spent the last four decades immersed in the world of dance, theatre, music, interior design and yoga.  She holds certification in Radiant Body Yoga, which can be described as a combination of Hatha, Ashtanga and Kundilini yoga styles, breathwork and meditation.  Her training with Kia Miller in Rishikish, India, provides her with a unique perspective on yoga in the Western hemisphere.


Beth is the owner of UnCommon INteriors, an interior design consulting firm that specializes in creating sacred spaces that support your lifestyle, or the corporate environment in which you work, including in-home yoga studios and meditation dens.  Beth also records audiobooks and performs as an actor in theatre and film.


Beth’s experience in theatre, music, and the dance world in particular, gives her a deep understanding when merging bodywork with the imagination, allowing all yogis to access their inner peace in a playful, creative and devoted manner.


Once a die-hard New Yorker, by way of Chicago, Beth and her husband Joel relocated to California in 2007 and now live in Malibu, California with their three college age sons and five-pound dog, Riff. 


Radiant Body Yoga is the dedicated practice of tuning into our hearts and higher self, daily, for three minutes or 90 minutes.  The length of time matters not as we begin to honor our own integrity and step back from the noise and enter a world of presence. 

- Beth Lane